Wine cellars, cinema rooms and hot tubs are new home status symbols, study says (2024)

A study of 2,000 UK adults found owning a pizza oven, a home gym and stylish sculptures in the garden also made the top 30 list of items signifying that someone is doing well

Wine cellars, cinema rooms and hot tubs are new home status symbols, study says (1)

A survey of 2,000 UK adults has revealed that owning a pizza oven, a home gym and having stylish sculptures in the garden are among the top 30 items that signify someone is doing well. The list also includes a sports car, a high-quality coffee machine and solar panels, with nearly a third (31%) of Brits agreeing that solar panels are a sign of social standing in UK neighbourhoods.

Interestingly, Gen Z are three times more likely to feel this way than Generation X, those born between 1965 and 1980. The study also found that 59% agreed you can gauge someone's success by the state and quality of their home and furnishings, including what they display on their walls such as awards, trophies and certificates.

The research further discovered that Gen Z, those aged up to 27, are most likely to view a walk-in wardrobe as a status symbol. Conversely, 26% of younger adults would like to boast about a wine fridge, which only appeals to 13% of Baby Boomers.

The study was commissioned by smart home device experts, Hive, to celebrate the launch of Hive Solar, an app-integrated solar panel and battery system that allows people to generate their own energy from the sun, set budgets and save money on their energy bills.

Susan Wells, from the company, which aims at retrofitting properties to lower their carbon emissions, commented: "Having status symbols in the home can turn your neighbour's heads and look at you like the proverbial 'Jones' on the street."

"Whether it's an electric vehicle, a hot tub or underfloor heating, certain items in and around the home bring attention to the trailblazing owner."

"With a solar system and battery, customers can save any spare energy for later or even sell what they don't need back to the grid to make money."

A whopping 45% of all those surveyed reckon being eco-friendly and caring for the environment is the ultimate status symbol. And 29% brag about having solar panels by discussing the financial benefits with their mates, family and neighbours, as well as highlighting how beneficial they are for the environment.

A green-eyed 33% of Brits try to 'Keep up with the Joneses', with a candid 42% confessing to their neighbour that they're jealous. In fact, a staggering 71% admit to going out and buying an identical item.

Are you keeping up with the Joneses'? Take the quiz below to find out.

Almost a quarter (24%) have experienced being the trendsetters themselves, having people copy something they had at their home. And while 43% felt flattered by the imitation, 17% admitted it annoyed them, according to figures from OnePoll.

Hive has teamed up with psychologist, Jo Hemmings, to delve into why people are so obsessed with status symbols, and why some view them as so crucial.

Jo remarked: "In social psychological terms, it has always been important to show our status it gives us a sense of identity and self-esteem while indicating to others our social standing. Over the years, the items we associate with our status have evolved."

"Thirty years ago, things which are now commonplace like a dishwasher, a mobile phone and a colour TV were thought of as signs of having money, but today, environmentally conscious consumers are driving the evolution of status symbols. Now, eco-friendly credentials are redefining how people flaunt their status."

"From electric vehicles and solar panels to compost heaps and vegetable patches, taking care of the environment is now the ultimate status symbol."

"When people see their neighbours doing things that are green they are inclined to do it themselves, known as the 'Keeping up with the Joneses' notion. Green envy is spreading, house by house, street by street and neighbourhood by neighbourhood."


  1. Sports car.
  2. A hot tub in the garden.
  3. Walk in wardrobe.
  4. A cinema room.
  5. Home gym.
  6. Electric gates.
  7. Underfloor heating.
  8. Unique 'one of a kind' items like an original art piece.
  9. Garden room.
  10. Glass bi-fold doors.
  11. Boiling water tap.
  12. Electric vehicle / EV charging point at the front of the house.
  13. Solar panels.
  14. A sculpture in the garden.
  15. Voice or app controlled electronics (such as lighting, TV, heating etc).
  16. Barista coffee machine.
  17. Wine cellar.
  18. Outdoor kitchen.
  19. Security cameras.
  20. Pizza oven.
  21. Trophies, awards, medals and certificates on display.
  22. Automated blinds and curtains.
  23. Built in wine fridge.
  24. 'His and Hers' sinks in the bathroom.
  25. Automated sprinklers.
  26. Robot lawn mower.
  27. Outdoor TV.
  28. A fully stocked bar cart.
  29. Wearable technology gadgets.
  30. Outdoor fireplace.
Wine cellars, cinema rooms and hot tubs are new home status symbols, study says (2024)
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