Every Track in NASCAR Heat 5 (2024)

NASCAR Heat 5, a 2020 racing title from Motorsport Games, is slated to receive a 2022 update at some point. When that is, we still await word.

This title was the last decent console launch from Motorsport Games, and one of the reasons is that it not only has all of the tracks from the 2020 season, but also tracks in lower series and even some that are fictional.

Here are all 39 variable tracks that are included in the game prior to the 2022 Season Update, broken down by type as defined by the game. We’ve also listed each event available for the track as well as which series it can be ran in. Some tracks may be listed multiple times, like Charlotte. This is because it has multiple layouts.

NCS: NASCAR Cup Series
NXS: NASCAR Xfinity Series
NGROTS: NASCAR Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series
XDT: Xtreme Dirt Tour


Every Track in NASCAR Heat 5 (1)

There are only two Superspeedway tracks, and these Superspeedways are for Asphalt cars only. They are Daytona and Talladega, and both provide wide-open draft racing for each different vehicle.

Daytona has lights, so the two events for both Cup and Xfinity will differentiate between day and night racing, and they will also be shorter races at night for Cup.

Do note that when this game was released, Atlanta still wasn’t a Super Speedway style track just yet.

Daytona International Speedway2.5 miles2 events2 events1 event———
Talladega Superspeedway2.66 miles2 events1 event1 event———
Every Track in NASCAR Heat 5 (2)

NASCAR Heat 5 takes all the intermediate tracks and lumps them into one giant pile of different tracks. One quirky note is that Phoenix Raceway, a 1-mile oval, is not listed here.

While these can be classified even further, such as tracks like Texas, Charlotte and Kansas being 1.5-mile cookie cutters and Auto Club, Michigan and Indy being 2+ mile big ovals, all these cars in this game count these the same.

Some tracks don’t exist on the real-world 2020 calendar, but in NASCAR Heat 5, you can race Trucks on Richmond or Xfinity at Martinsville or Cup at WWT Raceway… even though today in 2023, they are on those respective schedules.

Atlanta Motor Speedway1.540 miles1 event1 event1 event———
Auto Club Speedway2 miles1 event1 event1 event———
Charlotte Motor Speedway1.5 miles1 event2 events1 event———
Chicagoland Speedway1.5 miles1 event1 event1 event———
Darlington Raceway1.366 miles1 event1 event1 event———
Dover International Speedway1 mile2 events2 events1 event———
Homestead-Miami Speedway1.5 miles1 event1 event1 event———
Indianapolis Motor Speedway2.5 miles1 event1 event1 event———
Kansas Speedway1.5 miles2 events1 event1 event———
Kentucky Speedway1.5 miles1 event2 events1 event———
Las Vegas Motor Speedway1.5 miles2 events2 events2 events———
Michigan International Speedway2 miles2 events1 event1 event———
New Hampshire Motor Speedway1.058 miles1 event1 event1 event———
Pocono Raceway2.5 miles2 events1 event1 event———
Texas Motor Speedway1.5 miles2 events2 events2 events———
World Wide Technology Raceway at Gateway1.250 miles1 event1 event1 event———


Every Track in NASCAR Heat 5 (3)

The four main short tracks in NASCAR (plus Phoenix, for some reason) are the listed Short Tracks in NASCAR Heat 5. These courses are meant for more physical, close quarters racing. Usually one would classify a track like this as something under a mile in length. It makes less sense when you realize Dover ISN’T a short track.

Anyway, Bristol, Martinsville and Richmond are the basics, Iowa drives like Richmond but better, and Phoenix… golly, Phoenix is just not a short track. But it is here.

Bristol Motor Speedway0.533 miles2 events2 events1 event———
Iowa Speedway0.875 miles1 event2 events1 event———
Martinsville Speedway0.526 miles2 events1 event2 events———
Phoenix Raceway1 mile2 events2 events1 event———
Richmond Raceway0.75 miles2 events2 events1 event———


Every Track in NASCAR Heat 5 (4)

If you turn left AND right, it’s a road course. In 2020, there were three on the Cup schedule: Sonoma, Watkins Glen and Charlotte’s Roval. Xfinity ran Mid-Ohio, Road America and the Indy Roval back in 2020. Trucks went to Canada.

This game doesn’t have Circuit of the Americas or Portland, two tracks they started running in future seasons.

Canadian Tire Motorsports Park2.459 miles1 event1 event1 event———
Charlotte Motor Speedway ROVAL2.280 miles1 event1 event1 event———
Indianapolis Motor Speedway ROVAL2.589 miles1 event1 event1 event———
Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course2.258 miles1 event1 event1 event———
Road America4.048 miles1 event1 event1 event———
Sonoma Raceway1.990 miles1 event1 event1 event———
Watkins Glen International2.450 miles1 event1 event1 event———


Every Track in NASCAR Heat 5 (5)

The Dirt Tracks in NASCAR Heat 5 serve mainly as an avenue for the Xtreme Dirt Tour to compete on. There are a few fictional venues… including the Bristol Dirt Track, even though it became non-fiction in 2021. This track is technically not that and Cup cars cannot run on it.

Eldora is the only track that can be run in any other series, that being Trucks since it was on their 2020 schedule. Trucks can’t race on the other dirt tracks, however, and the Late Models can’t race on anything but dirt.

Bristol Motor Speedway (fictional)LONG TRACK—————————1 event
The Dirt Track at CharlotteSHORT TRACK—————————2 events
Drebin Motor Speedway (fictional)SHORT TRACK—————————2 events
Eldora SpeedwayLONG TRACK——————1 event2 events
Fanatec Fairgrounds (fictional)LONG TRACK—————————2 events
Jefferson Raceway (fictional)ROAD COURSE—————————2 events
The Dirt Track at Las VegasSHORT TRACK—————————1 event
Richmond Raceway (fictional)LONG TRACK—————————1 event
Texas Motor Speedway Dirt TrackSHORT TRACK—————————1 event

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Every Track in NASCAR Heat 5 (2024)
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