7 Places To Discover Near Bordeaux | 2024 (2024)

If you’re planning on traveling to the Bordeaux region make sure to visit some of these charming places near Bordeaux. These destinations in New Aquitaine might help you plan the perfect road trip in the southwest of France.

Have you ever heard of New Aquitaine (or Nouvelle-Aquitaine)? Perhaps, you haven’t! But you’ve probably heard of Bordeaux…

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Bordeaux is known for its famous wine mostly, but so is the region! There are several towns and cities that are worth visiting while in France, especially if you’re keen on exploring off the beaten path destinations as well as hitting the road! Road-tripping in France is a great way to make the most of a region and of course, it’s also the case in New Aquitaine.

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Where Is New Aquitaine?

Top Places to Discover Beyond Bordeaux

La Rochelle

Ile de Ré





The Pyrenees

Where Is New Aquitaine?

New Aquitaine is a French region located in the southwest of the country. (Yes, it’s on the west coast!)

What Can You Expect From New Aquitaine?

New Aquitaine is a beautiful region that offers a lot in terms of alcohol (wine, cognac as well as Armagnac). Food-wise, well, we’re talking about France here, so of course, the cuisine is brilliant and absolutely delicious!

Other than that New Aquitaine is a region where you can enjoy the great outdoors or learn more about the culture or the history of France. As I’m an outdoor lover it kind of makes sense to concentrate on the most charming parts of the country where you can be out there, enjoying the views!

If you want to explore the New Aquitaine region you might want to fly to Bordeaux as it’s a good place to get started. You can either use Bordeaux as a base or go for an original road-trip in France. Road-tripping in New Aquitaine would definitely be a better choice over going on day trips from Bordeaux.

There are many places to visit near Bordeaux that are only a few hours away, so rent a car and hit the road!

Top Places to Discover Beyond Bordeaux

La Rochelle

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La Rochelle is a starting point for those who want to visit some of the islands around. The most popular one is Ile de Ré which is next on this list.

La Rochelle is a cute town with very cool vibes! Known for its famous music festival, I think this lesser-known destination is a must in the region!

Ile de Ré

7 Places To Discover Near Bordeaux | 2024 (2)

Ile de Ré is another cute gem worth visiting! Perfect for the cyclists out there or even those who know how to enjoy a bicycle ride, there’s a lot of cycling paths to discover! If riding a bike isn’t your style, why not hop on a boat and enjoy the views from the water? By the way, you should keep in mind that the best ice cream I had in my entire life was found in Ile de Ré!

Where to stay in Ile de Ré: Le Galion


7 Places To Discover Near Bordeaux | 2024 (3)

Rochefort is a little coastal town where you’ll learn everything that is related to its maritime history! If you’re into boats you might want to check out this charming town especially if Hermione is there!

Also, if you’re traveling with kids there are a few activities that will surely make your kids happy such as the Accro-mats or the Arsenal of Rochefort.

Where to stay around Rochefort: Le Relais de Saint Preuil


7 Places To Discover Near Bordeaux | 2024 (4)

Cognac is a small town known for its pretty popular spirit with the same name. With its old buildings and river, this town will definitely have an effect on you (or maybe the cognac will!).

If you want to experience a stay right in the middle of a vineyard or simply visit one while tasting the local products, Cognac is a great pick!

Where to stay around Cognac: Le Relais de Saint Preuil


7 Places To Discover Near Bordeaux | 2024 (5)

Biarritz is a coastal town in the very south of France right in the Basque country. Well known by the surfers, it’s a great outdoors destination! If you’re not keen on surfing, then you can also simply relax on one of the several beaches or go on a scuba-diving trip.

You could also explore the city and its picturesque vibes. Biarritz is surely a colorful beauty!

Where to stay in Biarritz: Find the perfect room!


7 Places To Discover Near Bordeaux | 2024 (6)

Dordogne valley is an absolutely gorgeous spot where you can experience a fairytale in several castles! You could be eating a serious amount of “foie gras” while enjoying the views or more wine! Between castles you can admire cute little towns and appreciate the quiet vibes of the countryside. You could also explore the valley from the river because 475 km of rivers and streams is quite an important number of possibilities and breathtaking scenery!

Where to stay in Dordogne: Find the perfect room!

The Pyrenees

7 Places To Discover Near Bordeaux | 2024 (7)

The Pyrenees are the cherry on the sundae AKA the ultimate outdoors destination in New Aquitaine. You could be admiring spectacular backdrops while hiking, biking or maybe paragliding.

Whether you prefer to enjoy this region during summer or winter, you won’t be disappointed! Being by the mountains is rarely a disappointment!

Where to stay in the Pyrenees: Find the perfect room!

Disclaimer: This trip was organized by Atout France and Destination Nouvelle-Aquitaine. Some of these photos also belong to Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

7 Places To Discover Near Bordeaux | 2024 (2024)
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