10 Characteristics Of And Facts About July Babies (2024)

July is one of the most beautiful months of the year – it’s a time when everyone’s living their best life, going to the beach and celebrating the 4th of July.

It’s the best time for outdoor birthday parties as well, filled with lots of fun kids’ summer activities.

According to Zodiac signs and science, July babies are considered to be very lucky and important!

Your bundle of joy is an eternal optimist with a low risk of depression, but a high risk of myopia (short-sightedness).

However, this won’t stop your little one from becoming an incredible artist in the future!

There are few advantages to having a baby in July for your health, as well! Being pregnant is not easy, every mother knows that.

However, it’s a bit easier when you don’t have to go through the second and third trimester during high summer temperatures which can make you swollen and cause high blood pressure.

However, you still soak up enough vitamin D for your baby during May and June.

Because of that, babies born in July, generally speaking, have a higher birth weight than April or May babies.

If you are interested in fun facts about and characteristics of July babies, make sure to check out the list below!

1. A Shy Cancer Or A Fearless Leo Child

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If you’re a fan of horoscopes, you’ll know that your baby’s personality is connected to the birth month.

However, every month consists of two different Zodiac signs, one lasting up to the 21st or 22nd of the month, instantly followed by the next one.

If you gave birth between July 1 and July 22, your baby is a Cancer sign.

The Cancer kiddo is very emotional and sensitive so you have to be careful around her, as she tends to withdraw from any situation that doesn’t seem comfortable for her.

However, if your little one was born after July 23, then you have a real brave warrior in your house!

A Leo kid is fearless, strong, very enthusiastic, and excited about new challenges!

But, her feelings can be hurt as well, even though she seems very strong on the outside.

Therefore, provide her with attention and praise for the things she does right.

If there’s something she has done wrong, try to be more diplomatic than harsh.

2. July Babies Have Two Birth Flowers

10 Characteristics Of And Facts About July Babies (2)

The month of July is symbolized by two very beautiful birth flowers.

The first one is larkspur while the second one is the water lily.

These birth flowers are true representatives of July borns, as they are both stars of their habitats!

Larkspur is a very dramatic and striking plant, growing a big tower covered with beautiful flowers.

This flower stands for a very strong bond of love between parents and a child or grown-up couples.

Water lily is a known symbol of rebirth, peace, and wellbeing.

It has been a part of many ancient cultures that have found the bond between this flower and ancient gods and spirits.

These flowers represent a very strong person with a calm nature, fearless, and confident in everything she does.

One day, your little one may become this person with your help, of course.

3. They Are The “King Of Gems”

10 Characteristics Of And Facts About July Babies (3)

Every baby is precious, but summer babies appear to be very valuable according to their birthstones!

July’s birthstone is a ruby, known as one of the most valuable gemstones and a “king of gems”.

Ruby symbolizes passion, love, and good fortune with its dark red color that perfectly suits every July born.

4. A July Baby Is Your Ray Of Sunshine

10 Characteristics Of And Facts About July Babies (4)

Observing what science says about July babies, it seems your little one is a very happy and optimistic child!

According to experts from Vanderbilt University, summer babies are less likely to have depressive episodes than winter babies.

It seems that if you or your munchkin were born on a sunny day, you’ll stay that way for the rest of your life!

5. A July Baby May Teach You A Thing Or Two About Self-Control

10 Characteristics Of And Facts About July Babies (5)

A temper tantrum is the most common occurrence for children between ages 1 and 4, and the most frightening experience for new parents (until school projects kick in).

Even though July kids are known as peaceful beings, you’ll have to wait until the toddler phase ends.

After that, you’ll probably deal with a great negotiator who can’t be upset easily and has effortful control over her emotions, including anger and aggressiveness.

You may have a strong-willed kiddo there, but don’t see it as a problem, as this trait will be helpful later in her life.

6. You May Have The Future Pablo Picasso In Your House

10 Characteristics Of And Facts About July Babies (6)

There’s a good chance your child might become the next great artist when she grows up!

July babies are said to be very creative and artistic, so it might be a good idea to buy a kids’ art easel for her next birthday.

7. Your Baby Is In Good Company

10 Characteristics Of And Facts About July Babies (7)

There are a lot of well-known people who have July birthdays!

You may not know anyone around you who celebrates a birthday in July, but your little one is in seriously good company with lots of July-born celebrities, such as:

• Nelson Mandela

• Liv Tyler

• Morgan Freeman

• Tom Hanks

• Kristen Bell

• Olivia Munn

How cool is that?

8. A July Babe Might Need Glasses

10 Characteristics Of And Facts About July Babies (8)

July babies are very special in a lot of ways and they may be your silver lining through life, but your munchkin might have some minor health issues.

According to an Israeli study conducted by Dr. Michael Belkin, children born in June and July have a higher risk of suffering from myopia (short-sightedness).

If you expose your newborn to excessive sunlight, she might develop myopia very quickly.

Parents usually expose newborns to a lot of sunlight so infants can soak up vitamin D, which is crucial for early development.

But, it seems exposing your little one to the sun may not be a very good idea for her eyesight.

However, Dr. Belkin offers quite a simple solution to this issue – baby sunglasses. If your little one starts wearing sunglasses early enough, you just might save her vision.

9. A July Baby Calls For A Special Baby Name

10 Characteristics Of And Facts About July Babies (9)

July is indeed a beautiful month, but did you know that it has some of the most adorable baby names as well?

If your due date is in July or you’re just looking for a cute, summer name, check out this cute list of names for July babies:

• Aiden

• America

• Carl

• John

• Jules

• Julia

• Julian

• Juliet

• Meghan (or Megan)

• Ruby

• Toby

• Tom

If you still can’t decide on the perfect summer name for your kiddo, maybe you can check out these cute names meaning sun!

10. A Fourth Of July Baby!

10 Characteristics Of And Facts About July Babies (10)

The fourth of July is also known as Independence Day, one of the most important holidays in the US, the day when the Declaration of Independence was adopted.

Having a birthday on this day is a great honor for any family in the US and it’s the perfect opportunity to dress your little one in the cutest Independence Day outfits, as well!

Also, don’t forget to put up some fun decorations for the 4th of July!

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of fun facts when we talk about July babies!

This list contains some of the most interesting characteristics of your July babe, at least according to horoscopes and science.

Your little one may not possess all the personality traits of a July baby, but you’re bound to notice at least a few from the list above during her upbringing.

Your baby will be the one who will cheer you up and show you the bright side of life whenever you feel down.

She’ll put family before anything and help out every family member whenever she can.

But, her personality may vary depending on the Zodiac sign she was born under.

If your child is born under a water sign (Cancer), she’ll love her family but prefer to be alone, but if you gave birth under the fire sign (Leo), prepare yourself for a loud guardian of the family!

Of course, all of these facts are just for fun and the most important thing is that your baby is healthy and happy along with the rest of your adorable family!


• Salisbury, David. (6 December 2010). “Babies’ biological clocks dramatically affected by birth light cycle.” Vanderbilt University website.

• Tel Aviv University. (27 August 2007). “Summer Babies More Likely To Become Short-sighted Adults.” ScienceDaily website.

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10 Characteristics Of And Facts About July Babies (11)

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10 Characteristics Of And Facts About July Babies (2024)
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